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The Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole.
 America's Top Flagpole.

It looks like our camping bundles are not for you. That's ok! You can stay home and fly Old Glory atop our best selling Phoenix Flagpole in the comfort of your own yard and still let freedom ring! 
Choose your basic Phoenix Flagpole Kit below .

*Phoenix Flagpoles are now shipping within 2-4 weeks! Due to the popularity of our offer and supply chain issues caused by COVID-19, some accessories like the hitch mount (in Skip's Camping Packages) and the flash collars (item available as an "add on") may take approximately 6-8 weeks to ship. We ship out on a first come, first serve basis so placing your order gets you on our list! To serve you as quickly as possible, your order may arrive in different packages. We will email you with updated shipping lead times if any items you purchased end up on backorder.
Thank you for shopping American!
Atlantic Flag & Pole is a small family business made up of a long line of patriots (Our grandmother was a Daughter of the Revolution!). Our Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole is American engineered, using American aluminum and is American made! We offer the best product/warranty pairing in the industry. Our mission is simple: Get Old Glory flying in every American’s yard with American made flags and flagpoles- while guaranteeing Americans jobs. 

ONE TIME OFFER: This 3 x 5 patriotic eagle flag is pure patriotic "metal"! It's designed for those who hold dear to the principles of what this great land was founded upon- Freedom and Independence. Visually stunning- its unique design features a majestic eagle with Old Glory highlighting his beautifully detailed golden-eye while arranged against a black background speckled with silver stars. You might just find yourself lost in it leaving your neighbor next door scratching her head forced to stare up at the sky pondering the greatness of it all- or not- maybe you just stumped her. I get goosebumps every time I lay eyes on this eagle flag. This flag is made from top quality fabrics and has been finished with a heavy-duty heading and brass grommets. It can be used both indoors and out. Check the Box to Take It Home for Only $37.00!

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